#just want to clarify something. i'm not GD/BigBang's fanatic fan etc. honestly, i'm not really following their activities, whereever they go etc. i don't even know their birthday except for GD ;) i don't even know their full name except for GD ;)
well, they are actually my inspiration. specially GD. his hardwork, determination, really amazed me. for the group, i love their songs. i love their style. i love their passion.
i'm not their fanatic fan but one thing for sure, i'm their most LOYAL fan. of course i'm just a little tiny small person compare to their fans all around the globe. but, trust me, i'll keep listening to them, i'll keep supporting them, and i'll keep dreaming to meet them one day, one fine day, for sure, InsyaAllah :)


COM tengok crite The Greatest Love..terperasan pulak paper bag utk camera tu..walllaaa..apo lagi.prtSc jela..hahahaa :)
much love!

oh! tengok la ni.
(mood taknak mengulas sebab takde kat situ.HAHAHAA)